About us

Since having my own little girl I became obsessed with kids fashion and these beautiful headwraps. As the obsession grew I found it was hard to find many good quality and in the colours and patterns I loved! So Ocea The Label was born. 
Here to provide you with high quality ad handmade headwraps, you can also match with your mini! These are beautiful all year round. Perfect to keep your babes head covered but not to hot, yet still cool enough to wear through the warmer days.
Many people have purchased these products for various reasons including; 
  • Their beautiful style
  • Gifts for family
  • Hair Loss
  • Covering their head due to surgery or
  • Even when undergoing Chemo
I am so blessed I can be apart of so many journeys through this venture I have started. I have many plans in mind to grow so keep an eye on us!
All our love
Aimee and Ocean